Our Goal


Build a universal platform that facilitates access to services associated with animal husbandry. Our ecosystem is made up of companies from the different links of the meat value chain, each contributing to it. Based on traceability and through our Blockchain we are able to give transparency, clarity and confidence to production processes, empowering both the producer and the consumer.


Validated Meats will be the technological platform that unites all the actors in the meat chain, to add value to the information generated by each one, ultimately offering the consumer a product with complete traceability using all the benefits of Blockchain.


Our Team


We use the term “extended traceability” to differentiate it from the use that nowadays is given to traceability: “to keep track of a product” (location more than anything).

Expanded Traceability in Validated Meats® means knowing everything about the animal, where and when it was born, what it fed on; how long it stayed in each place, the people involved, their faces and images of the animal. Expanded means recording on our blockchain all the important events that take place in the life of an animal, the certifications that each establishment has and its ways of working.