Terms of use


Terms of use

The present document describes general terms and conditions (“terms of use”) which regulate the use, contracting and provision of services offered by “CARNES VALIDADAS SAS” (from now on “CARNES VALIDADAS”), by anybody.

CARNES VALIDADAS is a company dedicated to the development of a value-building network in the argentine meat chain, integrated by companies from the different links in the chain, through Blockchain technological support, capable of giving transparency and clarity to the meat production process, from genealogy to the consumer.

CARNES VALIDADAS is a platform with Blockchain technology (from now on “the web”, “site” or “platform”) that, acting as a bridge between the different links of the meat production chain, improves the efficiency and confidence of all the supply chain through the standardization of processes and allows companies to share information transparently, offering products traceability validations. It is a platform where producers and traders provide information about the origins, processing and quality of their products.

By accessing, or using this Web site, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by these terms.


CARNES VALIDADAS may, without prior notice and  at any time, modify these Terms of Use and any other information contained in this Web site. CARNES VALIDADAS may also make improvements or changes in the products, services, or programs described in this site at any time without any prior notice.

CARNES VALIDADAS grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited permission to access and display the data contained in  the Web site as a customer or potential customer of CARNES VALIDADAS, as long as you comply with these Terms of Use.


Services are only available for human persons with legal capacity to contract, according to the laws of the countries in which CARNES VALIDADAS operates. People who do not have legal capacity, minors or users  who have been temporarily suspended or permanently disabled will not be able to use the services. If you are registering a User as a company or legal entity representative, you must have sufficient legal capacity to contract on behalf of such entity and to bind it in the terms and scope of these Terms.


By accessing, or using this Web site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this Web site.


Through Blockchain technology, CARNES VALIDADAS allows the individualization and precise identification of animals by the livestock professionals who intervene as Users, since all information uploaded to Blockchain is unmodifiable.

Through the web site, users who belong to different links of the meat chain make public  information or data aimed at achieving full transparency, also accessible to consumers.

The information published in the web site may be public and valued by all participating users.


  1. In order to access the services provided by CARNES VALIDADAS, you must create a User Account  (from now on the “Account”), completing all the required fields of the inscription formulary with valid information, and agree to be bound by these Terms of use.
  2. CARNES VALIDADAS is not responsible for certainty of the information provided by their Users. Users guarantee and are responsible for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the registered information.
  3. CARNES VALIDADAS may request additional proof and/or documentation and/or information in order to confirm the data provided by Users. It may also suspend temporarily or definitely those Users whose information can not be corroborated. In the case of disqualification, the user will be dismissed, without this generating any right to compensation.
  4. Since the platform shows information and traceability to consumer and other users of it, when registering in the web site, users accept and authorize the visibility and publicity of t certain profile information to every web site user, who will be able to access all information regarding given qualifications and opinions provided by other Users of the platform.
  5. You authorize CARNES VALIDADAS to post on the web site all the information about your profile and establishment, in order to put that information at users’ disposal. This authorization is valid for the Early Adopters Programme (defined below) and the following versions, including the Beta Programme.
  6. The user is the only one responsible for keeping the security of his account, he must select a secret and safe password. The user must not post, distribute or share any access information to the account.
  7. The user will be responsible for every operation made through his account, since its access is restricted by his security password, which is exclusively known to the user.
  8. The user commits to notify CARNES VALIDADAS immediately by suitable and reliable means of any unauthorized use of his Account, as well as the entry by unauthorized third parties to it.The use of the account is personal and exclusive of his owner.
  9. Under no circumstances the user may:
    1. Use the name of another person as username.
    2. Use an offensive, inappropriate or obscene name as username.
    3. Use a name subject to the rights of another person without proper authorization, as username.
    4. Use other user account without proper authorization.
    5. Use other user information as their own without proper authorization.
  10. CARNES VALIDADAS can close or cancel the account temporarily or permanently if the user does not respect these terms of use.
  11. The user authorizes CARNES VALIDADAS to use necessary technologies in order to automatically compile information about users navigation on the web site.
  12. CARNES VALIDADAS can reject any registration request or any previously accepted registration without being obligated to communicate or explain the reasons or motives for its decision.
  13. CARNES VALIDADAS may authorize the use of an alias or nickname to the Users for its identification in the platform.

Confidential information

CARNES VALIDADAS does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information from you through our website. Please note that any information or material sent to CARNES VALIDADAS will be deemed NOT to be confidential. By sending CARNES VALIDADAS any information or material, you grant CARNES VALIDASAS an unrestricted, irrevocable license to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, post, transmit, distribute, publicly display, perform, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise freely use, those materials or information. You also agree that CARNES VALIDADAS is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques that you send us for any purpose. However, we will not release your name or otherwise publicize the fact that you submitted materials or other information to us unless: (a) we obtain your permission to use your name; or (b) we first notify you that the materials or other information you submit to a particular part of this site will be published or otherwise used with your name on it; or (c) we are required to do so by law. Personally-identifiable information that you submit to CARNES VALIDADAS for the purpose of receiving products or services will be handled in accordance with our privacy policies. This means that all information that you share through the website will be public and freely accessible to CARNES VALIDADAS users.

General users´ obligations

  1. Users agree to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. They commit especially to not use the web site to display, transmit, distribute or link any material that:
    1. Is false or dishonest.
    2. Is discriminatory, defamatory, offensive or obscene, or may incite discrimination, hate or violence against a person or a group of people because of their origin or belonging to an ethnic group, country, race or specific religion, or because of their gender, sexual orientation, or disability.
    3. Affect privacy or public order.
    4. Violates legal provisions regarding the press.
    5. Harm third parties.
  2. User commits not to use, nor people under its control, any search engine, software, tool, agent or another system or mechanism (included browsers, spiders, avatars or intelligent agents, without limitation) to navigate or look for on the internet, except the search engine and search agents that are available on the web. User also agree not to use the website or the services made available to it so that the website or said services are interrupted, harmed, reduce its efficiency or lessened in any way.
  3. You are responsible for the use that you make of the web site, its subcontractors and agents.
  4. The User commits himself not to license, sell, resell, re license, assign, distribute, announce, exploit or take any commercial advantage of CARNES VALIDADAS’ platform, the brand, tools or service that provides.
  5. The User accepts and understands that he will have to maintain properly updated the application with the purpose of its proper operation.


Users recognize that the only link between them and CARNES VALIDADAS consists in the one through which CARNES VALIDADAS commits itself to provide a service of information based on the web site, therefore the user recognizes and accepts that CARNES VALIDADAS is not part of any operation nor has any control over quality of the services, announced or informed products, veracity or accuracy of advertisements or information, users capacity to contract or commercialize products.

Payment of services - Rate policy

  1. Users state that they know all the current tax and labor legislation and other concordant national legislation and accept that CARNES VALIDADAS is only a platform that facilitates interaction between different actors of the argentine meat production and commercialization chain.
  2. Early Adopter Programme (from now on “EAP”). By participating in the EAP, CARNES VALIDADAS grants you a non-transferable, limited permission to use certain functions in development (“Alpha Functions”) for its interior purposes. You recognize and accept that Alpha characteristics: (a) ARE NOT PART OF THE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE- it does not have a price- for the purpose of the agreement that regulates its use of the Subscription Service (“Agreement”), (b) it may not function with the Subscription Service production characteristics, (c) can allow you to interact with users who do not are part of EAP, (d) are subject to changes or interruptions, and (e) are provided "just as" without any warranty, support, maintenance or other obligation of any kind. Any use of the Alpha Functions is under your risk and responsibility (f) EAP will be valid during the first 7 months of subscription or until Beta Version is introduced, when CARNES VALIDADAS notify you such situation. Belonging to the exclusive group of EAP participants, Alpha version, will benefit you with (a) bonus of using the tool in the Beta version (b) you will receive qualified information about adoption and demand of products with Validation (c) we can recommend you to potential customers (d) you can plan your business strategies with the use of the tool before your competitors. Alpha characteristics constitute the “confidential information” of CARNES VALIDADAS according to the Agreement and have to be treated consequently. CARNES VALIDADAS will have the perpetual right to use and incorporate any commentary or suggestion you give to CARNES VALIDADAS regarding Alpha Functions without any compensation obligation. As well, you accept and understand that free participation in EAP can end at any time and for any reason.
  3. After seven month of subscription or from the Beta Version implementation, CARNES VALIDADAS may require you to pay the equal amount to a kilogram of steer meat per head per year according to the “Índice Novillo del Mercado de Liniers (INML)” as compensation for traceability service that CARNES VALIDADAS offers you.
  4. CARNES VALIDADAS reserves the right to modify, change, add or eliminate in any moment the current rates, which will be notified to Users in a reliable way.
  5. CARNES VALIDADAS reserves the right to undertake judicial and extrajudicial actions considered to be suitable, in order to ensure the settlement of all indebted amounts due.

Content and intellectual property

  1. The website and technological platform https://origino.carnesvalidadas.com/ and https://carnesvalidadas.com are exclusive property of CARNES VALIDADAS . CARNES VALIDADAS authorizes you, subject to this Terms of use, to access and use the web site (as defined below) and access the available content.
  2. The Web site’s contents, such as designs, texts, graphics, images, video, information, logos, icons, software, audio files and other types of content (collectively “CARNES VALIDADAS Content”) are protected by intellectual property and industrial rights and other policies, unless it is explicitly indicated other type of intellectual property (e.g. copyleft). All CARNES VALIDADAS’ content is exclusive property of CARNES VALIDADAS or its licensors. Therefore, no content of the Terms of use will grant you express or implied rights of any kind or licenses under any patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other proprietary or intellectual property rights , with the exception of limited use rights of said service as stated in these Terms of use.
  3. The User warrants CARNES VALIDADAS that all User Content is legal and does not violate third-party rights, the user is the only responsible for the veracity and ownership of such information.
  4. The use authorized under this agreement is non-commercial in nature (e.g., you may not sell the content you access on or through this Web site.) All other use of this site is prohibited. Any other use of this site is prohibited. Except for the limited permission in the preceding paragraph, CARNES VALIDADAS does not grant you any express or implied rights or licenses under any patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other proprietary or intellectual property rights. You may not mirror any of the content from this site on another website or in any other media. Any software and other materials that are made available for downloading, access, or other use from this site with their own license terms will be governed by such terms, conditions, and notices. Your failure to comply with such terms or any of the terms on this site will result in automatic termination of any rights granted to you, without prior notice, and you must immediately destroy all copies of downloaded materials in your possession, custody or control.
  5. By uploading Content to the website, you authorize CARNES VALIDADAS to allow any other User to access, display, view, store and reproduce such User Content. CARNES VALIDADAS can check and retire any User Content that, under its exclusive judgement, violates these Terms of use, applicable laws, rules and regulations, whether it is abusive, harmful, offensive or illegal, or that violates the copyright or security of web users.
  6. CARNES VALIDADAS may not accept, post, display or transmit any User Content and may take any necessary or appropriate measures in relation to the User Content if it is considered that can cause that CARNES VALIDADAS incur legal responsibilities, may damage the name or public image of CARNES VALIDADAS, or cause CARNES VALIDADAS to lose users or the services of its providers.
  7. CARNES VALIDADAS is not responsible for the User’s Content or any kind of communication posted by any User, nor it supports opinions expressed by Users. The User understands that if he trusts in any material posted by other Users, he does it on his own risk.


  1. CARNES VALIDADAS is a platform in which producers, businessmen, and other livestock production links of the chain supply information about origins, processing, and quality of its products. CARNES VALIDADAS’ responsibility is only circumscribed to this activity area and does not warrant the veracity of the information.
  2. Under no circumstances CARNES VALIDADAS will be responsible for the harm, damage or loss of any kind that Users may suffer as consequence or in occasion of the contract between them, neither will be responsible for contract terms agreed between Users.
  3. CARNES VALIDADAS only makes available to Users a virtual space that allows them to share data and relevant information for each production or beef commercialization link, which can be valued by Users of the website. Therefore, CARNES VALIDADAS will be only an intermediary between different actors that take part in the beef production chain.

Disclaimer of warranty

  1. Users recognize that the role of CARNES VALIDADAS is limited to connect Users and does not have control nor is obligated to take any measure about:
    1. The veracity or accuracy of the provided information by Users at the registration moment.
    2. The control over performance or behaviour of Users.
    3. The quality or nature of the valued products through the website.
    4. The damage that may appear from the contract between Users.
    5. The contract terms agreed between Users.


  1. The User will keep undamaged, defend and exonerate CARNES VALIDADAS from any damage, responsibility and cost that may appear as consequence of a third party claim against CARNES VALIDADAS or its executives, agents or employees, of any charge, action or claim, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees that emerge from: (i) any material you provide to the website (ii) any use of the website content (iii) contrary use of the website to this Terms of use. CARNES VALIDADAS will punctually notify you of any claim, action or process.

Privacy policies

  1. CARNES VALIDADAS respect the privacy of the Users data and information and is committed to processing it responsibly and in compliance with applicable data protection laws in all countries in which CARNES VALIDADAS operates.
  2. You expressly consent that CARNES VALIDADAS may share your personal information with selected partners to help us provide you, or the company you work for, products or services, or to fulfill your requests, or with your consent, adding more value to the service given by CARNES VALIDADAS, improving our commercial and promotional initiatives, besides any other information we may consider convenient. Users can request to be excluded of the lists for the delivery of promotional or publicitary information. We believe that generated and shared information inside a service and solution ecosystem will improve Users benefits.
  3. By using the website, you accept and understand that any posted or shared information or material is not confidential, therefore you grant CARNES VALIDADAS an unrestricted, irrevocable license to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, post, transmit, distribute, publicly display, perform, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise freely use, those materials or information. You also accept and understand that the access to this content will be placed at every User’s disposition.
  4. CARNES VALIDADAS may also collect information regarding your use of the Web site and through the use of various technologies. For example, when you visit the Web or access our services, CARNES VALIDADAS may record certain information your browser sends us, such as your IP address (including the information derived from your IP address, such as geographical location), the type of browser, version and language, time and duration of access and addresses of reference websites; and can also collect information about the pages you see within our websites, the time you spend on each site and other actions you take when you are on our website. This information is necessary, for example, to automate the language in which each user displays the web page by default, find errors with certain browsers and improve the user experience, among others.
  5. Most information we collect about you comes from our direct interactions with you. It is possible that, occasionally, we compile information about you indirectly from other sources, for example from other Users or production chain actors. When this happens, we may request those indirect sources to confirm that the information has been obtained legally from a third party and we have right to obtain it and use it. Compiled information, whether it is directly or indirectly acquired, can be combined with another one to improve and make more complete your accuracy, and to help us improve our interactions with you. VI. CARNES VALIDADAS may use your collected personal information to provide you with a personalized experience on the Web site and services such as, providing content that is of interest to you or facilitating navigation on our sites. This information may be also used to improve the Web site. The collected information may also used to: establish statistics about the use and effectiveness of our software products and services; improve and personalize your use and experience of our products and services; customize our interactions with you; inform you about the general use of your products and services, and improve and develop our products and services. All this, in order to provide you with a better quality of service.
  6. We combine the personal information we collect to develop aggregate analysis and business intelligence for conducting our business and for marketing purposes. For example, to keep you informed about events, products, services and solutions given by CARNES VALIDADAS, among others.
  7. CARNES VALIDADAS will retain and use your personal information during the necessary time to achieve objectives for which information is processed or for other valid reasons to retain your personal information. Your registration information will be contained during the time your account is active or while is necessary to provide your services.
  8. CARNES VALIDADAS will retain and use your personal information during the necessary time to achieve objectives for which information is processed or for other valid reasons to retain your personal information. Your registration information will be contained during the time your account is active or while is necessary to provide your services.
  9. By using this website, you acknowledge that you agree to our Privacy Policy and the possible changes that the website owner will eventually make on it. If you do not agree to these policy, please do not use this website. In case we make changes on our Privacy Policy, if you continue making use of our website after any change is made, we will understand that you agree to those changes. Changes will be published in this site as soon as we take the decision to incorporate them.
  10. You can request at any moment to delete the Content or information posted on the web under the control of CARNES VALIDADAS. However, you understand that the transfer of a head of livestock to another link of a commercialization chain, registered by the website of CARNES VALIDADAS, also implies the transfer of the information which identifies it, reason why you can not request CARNES VALIDADAS to delete this content. Additionally, the User knows that information is managed by Blockchain technology, so it compromises the effect, immutability and inviolability of the provided information.

Suspension, rescission and penalties

  1. The contract between CARNES VALIDADAS and Users will be valid while they are registered as Web Users.
  2. CARNES VALIDADAS reserves the right to suspend the services requested by you and all passwords and other access codes on suspicion of any breach of these Terms of use. In such case, the right to use the website will be immediately resolved.
  3. At the moment of resolution or expiration date of these Terms of use, all licenses and rights granted to the User will be immediately cancelled, as well as all access granted by CARNES VALIDADAS to you in relation to the website.
  4. Regardless of other measures, CARNES VALIDADAS may temporarily suspend or permanently disable the User Account or a publication and initiate the actions it estimates appropriate, and will not provide its Services if: (a) any law is broken, or any of the stipulations of the Terms of use and other policies of CARNES VALIDADAS; (b) if you breach your commitments as a User; (c) if CARNES VALIDADAS incurs in fraudulent or malicious acts or acts; (d) User identity or any information provided by it could not be verified; (e) CARNES VALIDADAS understands that publications or other actions may be the cause of responsibility for the User who published them, for CARNES VALIDADAS or Users. In case of suspension or disqualification of a User, all articles that have been published and offers made will also be removed from the system.

Complete agreement

  1. If any provision of the Terms of use is invalid, the provision will be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary in order to continue executing these Terms of use.
  2. If the User or CARNES VALIDADAS can not exercise the rights and powers that emanate from these Terms of use, this will not be considered a renunciation of the continuation of the other rights and powers.

Modification of term and conditions

  1. CARNES VALIDADAS may, without prior notice, at any time, revise these Terms of Use and any other information contained in this website making the modified terms public and by notification sent to the User electronic address.
  2. All modificated terms will immediately come into force after its publication and/or notification.

Applicable and jurisdiction

  1. This agreement will be regulated at all its points by Argentina’s current legislation.
  2. Any dispute product of this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or performance, shall be submitted to the arbitration of Business Center for Mediation and Arbitration, in accordance with the current regulations of that court. The seat of such arbitration will be Buenos Aires.